Saturday, January 29, 2011

Maintaining a Local Footprint Goes a Long Way

We are successful on our projects for one reason becasue we have built an infrastructure of effective real estate brokers, contractors and other required service providers and a depth of knowledge in their markets in Northern New Jersey that enables us returnsupwards of 30%+ oncertain funds we manage and control.

Many national funds have purchased mortgages at deep discounts from their originating lenders. Funds concerned with a lack of local knowledge wouldn’t buy notes that companys like ourselves, who know and specialize in our local northern New Jersey urban and suburban markets, have allowed our fund to purchase properties that were in areas that wouldn’t require higher maintenance or management intensity other properties might. As a result, we have seen yields on some of our investment properties above 30%, and are please to be able to achieve a high level of results for our investors.

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