Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blue Asset Management LLC Adds Online Rent Payment to Platform

Charles Blumenkehl, managing partner for Blue Asset Management LLC, announced his company has made online rent payments available to its tenants via its property management online platform.

According to Charles Blumenkehl , “As more households make more of their monthly payments online, we see a more pronounced need as property managers to offer this service to our tenants, thereby allowing them the option to quickly, conveniently and safely manage their rental payments online while enabling us to make our rent collection process easier and more efficient.”

Blumenkehl added that in addition to tenants being able to make their rent payments online, they can now also submit maintenance requests online, and prospective tenants can submit their rental applications online as well. Said Blumenkehl, “By adding this feature to our property management systems, we hope to better serve our tenants and streamline the rent payment and collection process while lowering our vacancy rate and attracting tenants to our properties by employing our cutting edge technology.”

Charles Blumenkehl has owned and operated real estate in New Jersey since the late 1970’s. Blumenkehl founded Blue Asset Management LLC to leverage the opportunities resultant from the mortgage meltdown. For more information about Charles Blumenkehl or Blue Asset Management LLC log onto the company website at or call the company directly at 973 835-1400.

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